Gulf strives to maintain a 100% safe operations record on all projects, with zero lost time injury, zero lost work days, zero restricted work cases and zero medical treatment cases.

Safety First!

Gulf supports and follows the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America’s (INGAA) Five Guiding Principles for Pipeline Safety:

  1. Our goal is zero incidents - a perfect record of safety and reliability for the national pipeline system. We will work every day toward this goal.
  2. We are committed to safety culture as a critical dimension to continuously improve our industry’s performance.
  3. We will be relentless in our pursuit of improving by learning from the past and anticipating the future.
  4. We are committed to applying integrity management principles on a system-wide basis.
  5. We will engage our stakeholders - from the local community to the national level - so they understand and can participate in reducing risk.

Through Gulf's stringent safety program, we maintain an accident free, safe and healthy work environment and ensure awareness of standards and commitment to safe working practices. Gulf produces safe designs in a cost effective manner.

Gulf's corporate safety commitment promotes safety awareness in the field, office and home life and emphasizes adherence to our client's safety requirements. Simply put, your safety goals are our safety goals and we strive for zero incidents on all projects.

Being proactive – to minimize the number of occupational accidents, decrease time lost, continually improve our program, and motive employees, Gulf's Safety Program is certified to OHSAS 18001.

The video to the right has been developed by The INGAA Foundation, an industry association that believes that safety is a value that can never be compromised. Simply put, you are being shown this video because each and every person involved in building a pipeline has a role to play in ensuring safety. Every single person on a work site must be responsible not only for their personal safety but the safety of their co-workers.

During this video, you’ll hear from real pipeliners who will tell you that a good pipeliner is a safe pipeliner. Period. Those pipeliners will also tell you about the safety behaviors and attitudes you need to bring to this job to be successful. The people that need you to come home safely are counting on you listening carefully.


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Our Vision

Gulf Interstate Engineering – Our Vision To be the best full-service engineering company in the pipeline industry.

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